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Training for Trainers - Delivering Effective Diversity Awareness Training

Our client's feedback about this training course

'This workshop has been challenging, insightful and sensitive'

'Thought provoking, reflective and practical'

'It enabled me to reflect on my values'

'Engaging, well managed and delivered'

'The course methods were varied and very helpful for developing my knowledge and confidence'

'Very helpful exercises with lots of time for discussion'

'The material presented really related to my work'

Do you want to develop the capacity of your training team to support Diversity Training?

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Example of a Two Day Workshop run for Brent Council

The programme is designed to build on the existing capacity of the participants to deliver an effective diversity training module. The workshop is run on a participant observer basis, building on the knowledge and skills of the participants.

The module is divided into two parts. Part 1outlines the content of a Diversity Awareness Workshop. Part 2 covers the issues participants need to consider when training this topic.

The participants will experience the exercises in Part 1 as would any other participant on a Diversity Awareness training day. Following sections of the programme a review session will allow participants to process the information from a training perspective.

Please note: Additional topics may be added as required if participants wish to refresh their training skills. These are outlined in Part Three.

Part 1

Diversity Awareness Programme Outline


To provide participants with a learning environment in which they can:

  • Develop an informed and sensitive approach to diversity
  • Increase their level of self awareness
  • Value an open practice based on knowledge and learning rather than assumptions and stereotypes
  • Ensure their work practice is both ethnically sensitive and anti-racist
  • Develop the skills and confidence to become a force for positive change within the work environment

Creating a safe training environment

Understanding the legal context

Diversity and world views

Understanding prejudice and stereotypes

Effective responses to discriminatory behaviour

Personal action points

Part 2

Factors to consider when training on Race Relations and Diversity

Skills of a diversity trainer

Creating a safe environment

Terms, definitions and concepts

Dealing effectively with challenges

Supporting the trainer

Part 3

Additional areas for consideration

The following topics form part of general Training for Trainers courses. They can be included in this training module as additional areas providing a refresher of training skills.

How adults learn

Reflective practice

How people communicate

Training presentation skills

Managing difficult participants

Answering questions under pressure

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