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Diversity and Inclusion

Training for Trainers (TfT)

Developing the capacity of a training team to deliver D & I training

Training workshops where participants will learn how to design and deliver diversity and inclusion courses.

The workshops can be designed for staff who already have some theoretical knowledge and practical experience of training or staff who are new to delivering training.

The course can also be designed to train "in-house facilitators" if you want to cascade learning and discussion sessions across the organisation.

TfT workshops are highly interactive and practical and will build the confidence of the participants to:

  • Design learning sessions
  • Deliver with confidence and flair and authenticity
  • Learn the importance of preparation to ensure they can handle the challenges they may face in the training environment

The workshops are run on a participant observer basis building on the knowledge and skills of the participants. They will experience the exercises as would any other participant on, for example, a Diversity Awareness training day. Following sections of the programme a review session will allow participants to process the information from a training perspective.

These in-house courses involve a minimum two-day workshop. Participants will design and deliver a training session. A three-day course may also include the option of video feedback on Day 3.

The following topics incorporate a comprehensive Training for Trainers course. You may not wish to incorporate all of these in your tailor-made programme, the content will depend on the skills and knowledge of the attendees. We will work with you to design the most appropriate course for you.

Course Design

As with all jml training courses, the course content, practical exercises, examples and situations will be designed to meet the needs of your organisation. TfT can also be designed around bullying and harassment training and other aspects of an inclusion programme.

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