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Diversity and Inclusion

The Inclusive Manager

This programme for managers is about embedding D & I into the organisational DNA. This means focusing on leadership, what drives behaviour and how organisational culture is shaped.

Inclusive managers challenge behaviours and shape values. They lead by example and are open to different perspectives from their own. They can capitalise on the advantages individual differences provide and develop and use this to achieve organisational success. They support people from different backgrounds, treat employees equitably and can motivate employees to act inclusively.

Bringing groups of managers together to shape an inclusive culture yields key business benefits. It builds trust and a collective confidence as staff see management as fair and respectful. This, in turn, leads to creative and collaborative teams, open to development, sharing learning and achieving challenging targets.

We've moved on from equality per se. This is not treating people the same, it's treating people how they want to be treated and responding to their differing motivational fuses.

We explore how deeply held cultural values shape what we see and notice and what we don't, and how we interpret the world. This enables us to avoid conflict when values clash.

The programme gives participants opportunity to develop their own inclusive leadership style and knowledge to become catalysts for change in the organisation. It draws on behavioural models, leadership theory and interactive techniques.

Programme Design

The programme can be developed to be appropriate to first line, middle and senior managers. As with all jml training, the content, practical exercises, examples and situations will be designed to meet the needs of your organisation.

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