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Diversity and Inclusion

Reducing the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace

Exploring unconscious bias - the hidden prejudices that we don't know we have - and left unchecked, can cause us to overlook talent and miss customer opportunities. This workshop increases awareness of the conscious and unconscious biases and assumptions that impede working together successfully.

Unconscious bias can lead to faulty decision making, intellectually we accept difference but in decision making moments when we see or hear something that does not fit our world view we revert and make it mean something that fits.

Unconscious bias also exists within organisations. Unwritten behaviours and stories maintain an organisational culture. They can tell you what ways of working, behaviours or types of people are valued. They can reveal the discrimination and stereotyping that exists.

Biases and perceptions can lead to a misconstrued view of reality and the way we process information. We need to challenge this in ourselves and within the organisation if we are to build inclusive organisations.

This highly interactive and experiential workshop explores the idea of unconscious bias and provides techniques and strategies to guard against it.

Course Design

As with all jml training, the practical exercises, examples and situations will be designed to meet the needs of your organisation.

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