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Dignity at Work

Managing Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

A practical and interactive workshop for managers at any level to understand and develop the leadership behaviours and confidence to support a safe and healthy workplace. It can help shift an organisation towards a more collaborative culture.

The course is experiential and allows for reflection on one's own attitudes and values. In a safe environment participants can express their concerns and fully explore behaviour, both their own and that of others.

Course Content

Our experience suggests that there are a number of issues that managers want to explore.

Firstly, to increase their understanding and sensitivity to potential 'bullying' behaviour and harassment, some behaviours are very evident but there are also 'grey areas' where managers are uncertain and concerned about how to respond.

Secondly, time to think through their responsibility as managers to provide a safe system of work and a safe environment and the legal ramifications if they fail. We give them the confidence and knowledge to distinguish between legitimate performance management and discrimination.

We want managers to recognise that bullying behaviours can underlie hidden discrimination and to recognise the need to intervene early and appropriately. They want to learn how best to do this and to develop the skills and confidence to handle cases of alleged harassment or bullying.

Dealing with emotions and perceptions, building relationship and appropriate communication and leadership styles, formal and informal management techniques form managing bullying and harassment could all form part of this course.

Course Design

We will design the course content, practical exercises, examples and situations to meet the needs of your organisation. We will work with your HR policies and practice and draw on experiences and examples relevant to your organisations.

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