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Diversity and Inclusion

Ensuring Non-Discriminatory Staff Selection

Organisations with a diverse employee population with a range of different backgrounds and experiences are more likely to be open to more innovative ways of thinking. This gives them a clear competitive advantage as they are more able to understand the needs of a wider customer base.

To achieve this potential employees need to get through the recruiting and selection stage successfully. Promoting a culture in which the principle of diversity and equal opportunities is actively recognised and valued is challenging and does not happen by default. It requires a level of ongoing awareness and monitoring of actions to ensure that good practice in recruitment and selection is maintained at every level.

This course is designed for staff on selection panels to:

  • Review their recruitment and selection practice
  • Reflect on their responsibility to minimise the risk of discriminatory attitudes or behaviours affecting selection decisions
  • Improve their ability to undertake recruitment and selection to rigorous standards.

Attendees will get the opportunity to increase their awareness of current equalities legislation and the need for mindfulness when engaging and selecting potential employees. Like minds tend to gravitate towards like minds and attendees will consider how discrimination may occur in the selection process and reflect on their own preparation and practice for selection interviews.

We demonstrate how difficult it can be for selectors to be objective when unaware of their own unconscious bias. Selection on the basis of competence rather than on whether you "get on", & recruiting into existing team gaps show how differences in approach generate more creative and economic solutions.

The participants will form interview panels and practice the theoretical and behavioural aspects from the morning session. Each interview is observed and participants receive constructive feedback.

Course Design

We can have a scoping conversation with you to ensure the course objectives, content, practical exercises, examples and situations are designed to meet the needs of your organisation.

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