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Diversity and Inclusion

Developing Effective Mentoring Programmes

The absence of women and ethnic minorities in more senior positions in organisations continues to leave companies at a disadvantage. Increasing diversity has significant beneficial implications for the culture of organisations, their decision-making capabilities, their access to the full talent pool and their long-term success.

Developing mentoring programmes provides skills, support and encouragement and boosts the confidence of minorities to develop themselves in their career journey.

The benefits of a supportive mentoring network impacts on professional practice, personal well-being and organisational benefits. It brings through the next level of talent position, enhances performance and increases representation of the customer base. Whether in academia, industry or the public sector mentoring schemes are a way to address the imbalance of women and minorities in more senior roles.

We can help you plan and develop a mentoring scheme to grow your talent pool. We can provide short mentoring training for potential mentors on key skills for effective mentoring. You may wish to consider one-to-one mentoring sessions and whole-group events to equip mentees with the necessary skills, confidence and networks they need to succeed.

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