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Dignity at Work

Creating a Safe Work Environment

Employees working in more diverse work places need to understand and be able to work with difference effectively. Sometimes difference can become a point of conflict and lead to inappropriate behaviour. Employers who seek to develop a safe and inclusive work environment are investing in employee workshops to make explicit and share appropriate behaviours.

A practical and interactive workshop to increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of employees to recognise and deal constructively with bullying behaviour at work and to develop a clear understanding of the importance of policy and practice.

The course is experiential and allows for reflection on one's own attitudes and values. In a safe environment participants can express their concerns and fully explore behaviour, both their own and that of others.

Course Content

The following content is an example of a course we deliver. This may meet your requirements. It not, or there are elements you would like to add, we can design a course specifically for your organisation.

  • Understand what constitutes bullying behaviour, both overt and covert
  • Challenge the taboos around workplace bullying and build a picture of a bullying person and their targets
  • Examine the factors which increase potential for workplace bullying " Draw on a range of strategies to confidently address inappropriate behaviour
    • Assertive skills - being response-able - withdrawal, avoidance or resistance
    • Moving from being 'at cause to at effect'
    • Being different with others
    • Building relationships - Having a conversation for what is missing rather than making people wrong.
    • Giving and receiving feedback as a contribution to development and growth.
  • Your role in building a respectful workplace culture
  • How the organisation can support you

Course Design

The course content and the practical exercises will be designed to meet the needs of the participants to ensure they get an excellent range of tools and techniques to develop their ability to support a safe work environment. We would signpost the organisation's Workplace Bullying and Harassment Policy and other relevant information.

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