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About Us

We have been delivering diversity and inclusion (D & I) interventions since 1997 and have developed an extensive knowledge in this field.

Our approach is practical, facilitative and business focused. We believe that D & I is rooted in culture change and requires an inclusive leadership approach that ensures it filters through to every aspect of the business.

D & I can be about talent management, management practices, leadership and management training, performance management and appraisals, recruitment and selection and more.

How we work with you

Promoting a culture in which the strengths of a diverse workforce are actively recognised and valued is a key objective of most organisations.

However, this type of culture does not happen by default. It requires a level of ongoing awareness and action to ensure it is addressed in everyday business activities.

Organisations that successfully incorporate these values into their work ethos actively ensure that the management of diversity is given a consistently high priority.

jml Training Consultancy can help you develop an organisational culture that values diversity and equality.

Taking your situation as our starting point, we will work closely with you to understand your diversity and inclusion organisational goals, culture, values and staff development needs. We will work with you to design and deliver interventions that will support your aim to benefit from the varied talents of a diverse workforce and help you to achieve your organisation's diversity objectives.

Achieving an inclusive working environment requires; 

  •     leadership that is visible and engaging

  •     that can challenge and change values, beliefs and organisational behaviours

  •     that can develop positive action initiatives

Inclusive leadership has been a key area of work since the formation of the company. We have rigorously trained experts in experiential culture change work, who are highly facilitative & interactive, and deliver inspirational, effective and enduring results.

Contact us now to help you develop an inclusive organisation


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